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STOMGROVE is a payroll service provider that provides a specialized payroll service for ‘Self-employed’ individuals no matter if they are engaged/employed on long/short contract work, freelancing or temporary work.

As well as using our umbrella services we also have a system where we run the limited company for you and file the returns for a small weekly fee.  E-mail us for more details.


Our payroll service enables individuals to move freely and easily between contracts and employments enabling them to switch their services between recruitment agencies and clients at short notice and with minimum fuss or problems.

It is a long held myth and misconception that 'Self-employed' workers cannot work via an agency and in some cases directly for an end employer - the 'Client'.

STOMGROVE enables already registered 'Self-employed' workers the ability and freedom of choice as to where they work and via whichever intermediary / agency they choose.

Our service provides and enables individuals who are new to, and unfamiliar with, contracting to register as a ‘Self-employed’ thus enabling them to begin taking full advantage of the benefits associated with being a ‘Self-employed’.

It has recently been agreed between Stomgrove and HMRC that the way Stomgrove operates is within the guidelines of a self employed contractor

Want To Stay Self Employed?

A simple, legal and cost effective solution for self employed contractors

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