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We’ll give a brand new one if it breaks

1)       Cover up to 3 Years

2)       Ideal For most electrical items costing less than £150

3)       You don’t pay for a replacement

4)       Includes up to 3 years Accidental Damage Cover


If your item breaks down or you accidentally damage it. It could be replaced or  ( Vouchers Form Arrow ) could be provided to the value you originally paid.


Taking out cover is easy


1)       Available from Arrow

2)       The price of cover is usually shown beneath the products in the catalogue

3)       Cover can be taken out up to 45 days from purchasing your item providing it is still in good working order

4)       A full refund is available if you change your mind within 45 days if you have not made a claim


Terms and condition apply.  

Insurance Customer Services 

We make every effort to ensure that the service we provide to you and the service provided by the insurance company and brokers is of the high standard. However, if you are not satisfied in some way about the service you have received in relation to any of the insurance products offered below.


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