Contractor Info
Contractor Information

We at Stomgrove run things very simple and straightforward, we do your invoicing each week or each month to your agency. All we need from you is a copy of your timesheet or an e-mail showing the details to be invoiced on a weekly or monthly basis. This can also be done by text message or over the phone and we will do the rest. Then, we text you with the date the money will be in your account.
Alternatively you can send your information to the agency which will then pass it on to us.

Stomgrove has been around for many, years it is also quite common for us to have the information supplied from the agency direct to us. So, all you have to do is wait for your text message telling you that your money has been pain into your bank.

We do recommend that you keep a list of your expenses on a weekly or monthly basis. So, at the end of your financial year when you do your Self Assessment you should only have a small tax bill to pay or a claim back if you have a large amount of expenses. This is something you are in control of and if you are confident, you can do it yourself on-line. However, we always recommend seeking independent professional advice on how to do your Self Assessment.

What we require from you is your name and address, the name and address of the agency you are working for, your pay details if appropriate (depending on the agency) your National Insurance Number, your Tax Reference Number, if you have been self employed, your bank details and your mobile phone number - for text messaging to you.

How simple is that? Just one form to fill in!

Alternatively, in most cases, we can even do your registration over the phone.

Registering with Stomgrove is that simple.