Agency FAQ's
Agy: how long Stomgrove been going?

Sto: Stomgrove has been running for 6+years.

Agy: We keep hearing about HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Compliance Regulations is Stomgrove HMRC Compliant?

Sto: The HMRC Compliance regulations you are thinking about is not applicable to individual companies; it applies to all contractors who are of employed status. Here at Stomgrove we treat all contractors as self employed, therefore, they are entitled to claim the standard tax free expenses that every self employed/sole trader is entitled to. However, because some companies abuse this system it is constantly under review and subject to changes in the taxation law.

Agy: If we want a contractor paid on the Friday i.e. the same time as our other temps is it possible? We know some umbrella companies etc. pay on a Friday but some pay as late as Monday/Tuesday of the following week.

Sto: It is quite common for agencies that have worked with Stomgrove for many years to e-mail or fax a list of those to be paid to Stomgrove by Wednesday each week. Just a simple list consisting of contractor’s name and how much they are to be paid and what date the money would be credited to our account.

Sometimes we will ring an agencies payroll department on a Wednesday for confirmation of how much is to be and to whom it should be paid. This ensures that payments should reach contractors banks by