Agency Info

Your agency could benefit significantly by working with Stomgrove.

  • No requirement to operate or report on PAYE
  • Potential profit increase of 21.3%
  • 12.8% savings on ERNI (Employers National Insurance)
  • 8.33% savings on Holiday Pay (4 weeks WTR Holiday Pay

You will save the administrative cost of running your own payroll for workers getting paid though Stomgrove and the cost associated with dealing with queries .

You will not be responsible for the onerous task of administering and accruing for holiday pay.

A personal service company sits outside of the Managed Service Company (MSC) legislation and enables you to continue providing your services to your customers whilst reducing employment costs without the risk of debt transfer issues.

The financial benefits to workers and the superb service they receive from a Stomgrove service mean they are happy to work with businesses which contract with Stomgrove

You might wish to pass on some of this cost saving in the form of increased payment rates, thus becoming more competitive in attracting and retaining workers.

“Stomgrove is and always has been, fully compliant with all HMRC regulations.”